For every 10 minutes daily commuting time by car, there was a 10% reduction in community involvement. Cars isolate us from our neighbours. Walking, cycling and public transport provide opportunities for social interaction.

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Although this video will not be physically addressed to a very wide audience, for those of you who (like our C.E.O and founder, Catherine Manning) are Irish and/or live and work in Ireland, this is an important and utterly breathtaking message for you all.

But then again, it’s a wonderful message to everyone!

“This land belongs not to us, but to the ones who come after”.

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Across the globe, GM has already installed 37 MW of solar, and plans to reach 60 MW by 2015. After joining the SEIA in February, the auto manufacturer’s commitment to solar is stronger than ever before.

Read the full article about GM’s solar achievements and its renewable energy goals for 2025. 

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